Cellulite Reduction

Try our No. 1 Anti-Cellulite busting massage treatment that targets the hips, waist, stomach, buttocks and thighs. A gentle, yet stimulating massage, which promotes the renewal of collagen and elastin, improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


Slimming & Toning

EMS Electro muscle stimulating pads are placed over the entire body to enhance the shape of muscles, by improving the tone and strength. An effective workout that is equivalent to 6 – 8 workouts in the gym.



Choose between our wide selection of massage therapies to unwind, relax, uplift and soothe away tension, aches and pain. Our highly trained therapist will enhance your wellbeing with a careful selected therapy tailored just to you.

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Summer Special

$ 148


1 Hour pure Bliss Relaxation Massage

30 Min Purifying Salt Scrub Exfoliation

30 Min Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

Followed with a soothing coconut body lotion

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